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Join in our summer campaign to celebrate children’s toilet triumphs with a commemorative twin!

If you’re about to embark on toilet training with your toddler, or know someone who is, take on the Go Potty challenge and celebrate your child’s first toileting triumphs.

For every direct hit your child makes in the potty or the loo, you put a sticker on our special Go Potty reward chart. And, for each sticker, you could donate to Toilet Twinning.

There are 60 spaces on the chart – so if you donate £1 per sticker, you can twin your loo when you celebrate your child’s 60th visit to the potty or loo! 

Or, you could take on the Go Potty challenge with a group of friends, at your nursery, toddler group or creche. If each parent donated 10p per toileting triumph, ten parents could twin a loo together.

A Toilet Twinning certificate would celebrate your achievement, and signify a life-changing gift for a poor family overseas.

You might like to choose to personalise your certificate: eg: Louis is a toilet hero so we’ve twinned this loo to trumpet his success.

Email us today on for your Go Potty pack, complete with reward chart and stickers – or download them here:

Info leaflet

Pee chart


Collecting box template

‘We used to have to use our neighbours’ toilet and the kids would relieve themselves around the compound,’ says dad John in the Democratic Republic of Congo. ‘When the children got sick I was very fearful. You can only buy medicine if you have the money. But now we don’t get ill. I feel so proud to have protected my children’s health.’

Toilet Twinning from Tearfund

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